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Concepto Studios

Director of Product Development, Co-Founder  | 2007 - Present

Concepto Studios is an award-winning product development company which offers the full spectrum of product development services. Ranging from research, design, 3D visualization and engineering to prototyping, sourcing, tooling and manufacturing, all key points necessary to bringing products to the market.

Boreal Expedition

Boreal Expedition

Design & Strategic Planning, Co-Founder  | 2020 - Present

Life is short and there's a lot to explore. At Boreal Expedition we organize tailor-made trips to unique locations such as Iceland, Jordan, Norway and the Dolomites. I work with a team of amazing photographers and guides to design one of a kind experiences to exotic places around the world.

Forward Industries

Forward Industries

Lead Designer | 2000-2006

Forward Industries is a global design, manufacturing, sourcing and distribution group. We integrate design with innovative manufacturing and sourcing expertise to deliver outstanding product solutions. During my time at Forward I designed and developed hundreds of different packaging products and accessories  in collaboration with Asian and European suppliers.



Product Design Director, Co-Founder | 2015 - Present

Qualtica is a SAAS/Web3 startup. It aims to create a scalable platform for education,  idea crowdsourcing,  civic engagement and collaboration on social challenges utilizing design thinking, reward dynamics and the Blockchain to empower people and organizations to become part of the constant improvement process of their communities via a simple and intuitive mobile app. 


Spine 3D

Lead Production Artist | 2006-2007

Spine's focus is to bring ideas to life through the creation of photorealistic 3D renderings, animation, interactive presentations, VR applications & video production  sequences. It specializes in the creation of visual assets for advertising agencies, product manufacturers, real estate developers, designers, and world-class destinations. 


Freelance Work

Various Personal Projects | 2000-2006

A collection of personal and freelance projects that I have worked on for clients that needed creative assistance. It has been a while since I do freelancing because my time is mostly devoted to Concepto and other ongoing projects, but I am open to work as a freelancer if the project is a good fit.


Concepto Workshop.jpg

Concepto Workshop

Product Development Instructor  | 2015 - Present

At Concepto Workshop, we offer online and on-site classes to help people learn design fundamentals and the tools required for product development. From research methods, sketching, 3D rendering and modeling techniques to global market and design strategies from actual projects that made it to market.


Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts

Professor of Industrial Design | 2009-2010

I taught advanced product development and sustainable design to a class of 45 multi-disciplinary students. I created a detailed syllabus, maintained a tight schedule for delivery of assignments and assisted teams on the stages of the product development process all the way to prototyping. 

Axis Car

Digital Media Arts College

Professor of Animation  | 2006-2007

After graduating and obtaining my Master's degree in Computer Visualization and SFX, I taught a class of 15 students the principles of 3D animation, 3D modeling, rendering, video editing and post-production. I created detailed class syllabus and maintained a tight schedule for delivery of all assignments.



Venevox Foundation

Founder | 2012-2014

In 2012, the Venezuelan government arbitrarily decided to move to New Orleans 19.542 voters originally registered to vote in the city of Miami. We decided to take concrete actions to defend our democratic right to vote, this is why this initiative was created.


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