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Design Brief for Fixing the System

Andrew Morrison

Mar 20, 2012

Design Brief for Fixing the System

A design brief is a written document outlining the details and guidelines for a specific design or product development project.

However, proposing an alternative system is not simply a matter of inventing reforms or systems that make things different. We must be very careful in calculating the short, mid and long-term social and environmental impact and overall implications of any idea. So it is important first to determine a set of values and principles that would be at the core of any alternative.

First and foremost, a viable alternative cannot be violent. It cannot call for war, or provoke the destruction of any nation, point of view or group of people. It can not encourage anarchy , false revolutions or social uprisings. Instead, it must be compatible with current systems, adopt their virtues and allow a moderate and gradual transition to a better alternative. We can not pretend to destroy what already exists.

An alternative must be much more humane and pragmatic, a strategic transformation, or evolution. It must be adaptable and spread worldwide without the need for oppression or senseless dictatorships. Instead, people, the industry and even governments, should welcome it as an overall benefit to society and individuals, so that it can propagate in the same way the Internet and other technologies have spread around the Planet.

An efficient system should not be ideological. It should not judge religious beliefs or political views. Instead it should provide a level of global cooperation and union, where the priority is life, respect for others and for nature. It must guarantee human rights and freedom, but must also be organized, efficient. and encourage technological development as well as the protection of our planet and resources.

It should compensate hard work and value excellence. It should motivate human beings to get an education and move forward as individuals and groups of multiple cultures and points of view, but must also give all people equal opportunities. Must ensure access to basic needs and services, but must not promote or encourage apathy and mediocrity.

A good alternative must take into account the needs of our society, adapt to our current situation and ensure our future. It must provide an efficient global resource management platform through the prioritization of alternative energy development and implementation. It must eradicate our root problems through efficiency, creativity and innovation, as well as moral, ethical values, not by force or by arms.

Many more attributes and guidelines for a design brief must be added and considered, but we must start at some point, understanding that there will be hundreds of problems to tackle and solutions to find.

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